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"Flexible regulation of representations on a drifting manifold enables long-term stable complex neuroprosthetic control",

N. Natraj, S. Seko, R. Abiri, H. Yan, Y. Graham, A. Tu-Chan, E.F. Chang, K. Ganguly (2023), Bioarxiv

"Plug-and-play control of a brain–computer interface through neural map stabilization",

D.B. Silversmith*, R Abiri*, NF Hardy*, N. Natraj*, A Tu-Chan, E.F. Chang, K. Ganguly (2021), Nature Biotechnology

* equal contributions

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Brain computer interfaces

"Compartmentalized dynamics within a common multi-area mesoscale manifold represent a repertoire of human hand movements",

N. Natraj, D.B. Silversmith, E.F. Chang, K. Ganguly (2022), Neuron

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"Flexible constraint hierarchy during the visual encoding of tool-object interactions"

K.Y. Bayani, N.Natraj, N. Khreisheh, J. Pargeter, D. Stout, L.A Wheaton, (2021), European Journal of Neuroscience

"Emergence of perceptuomotor relationships during paleolithic stone toolmaking learning: intersections of observation and practice"

K.Y. Bayani, N.Natraj, M.K. Gale, D. Temples, N. Atawala, L.A Wheaton (2021), Communications Biology

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"The role of attention and saccades on parietofrontal encoding of contextual and grasp-specific affordances of tools: an ERP study"

N.Natraj, B. Alterman, S. Basunia, L.A. Wheaton  (2018), Neuroscience

"Shaping reality through mental rehearsal"

N.Natraj, K Ganguly (2018), Neuron

"Effects of somatosensory electrical stimulation on motor function and cortical oscillations"

A. Tu-Chan, N.Natraj, J. Godlove, G. Abrams, K. Ganguly (2017), Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation

"The visual encoding of tool-object affordances"

N.Natraj, Y.M. Pella, A.M. Borghi, L.A. Wheaton  (2015), Neuroscience

"Context and hand posture modulate the neural dynamics of tool–object perception"

N.Natraj, V.N. Poole, J.C. Mizelle, A. Flumini, A.M. Borghi, L.A. Wheaton (2013), Neuropsychologia 

"One hand, two objects: Emergence of affordance in contexts"

A.M. Borghi, A. Flumini, N. Natraj, L.A. Wheaton (2013), Brain and Cognition

Neural representation of movement

"Sleep spindles, stress and PTSD: the state of the science and future directions",

N. Natraj, A. Richards (2023), Neurobiology of Stress

"Sleep spindles favor emotion regulation over memory consolidation of stressors in PTSD ",

N. Natraj, T.C. Neylan, L.M. Yack, T.J. Metzler, S.H. Woodward, S.Q. Hubachek, C. Dukes, N.S. Udupa, D.H. Mathalanon, A. Richards (2023), Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging

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Sleep Neuroscience

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